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Hi folks,

I hope all is well, and that your holidays were wonderful.

Last month, I started a year-long software journey called Project Kismet, aimed at making educational software and courseware for young ages.

You’re one of 84 people I’ve chosen for special access, since in the past you’ve helped me or shown faith in me. This is my way of saying thanks.

For a glimpse of what’s to come, have a look at:  http://waveplace.org/tidepool

Tidepool is just one part though.  Project Kismet will also combine ideas from other projects such as Storymill, Storybot, ACORN, and Realness.

More details will arrive in coming weeks, including a new website, trailer, business plan, and first download.

** Please let me know if this email is the best way to reach you, and whether you’re interested in following along.

Take care,

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