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Hi everyone,

In this week’s email, I’ll show you two of the ways I’ll maintain High Visibility throughout Project Kismet.

FIRST is the issue tracker, which details every task that needs doing, how long it should take, and how far along I am.

http://now.projectkismet.com  (current status)

http://tracker.projectkismet.com  (full tracker)

NEXT are the brief version screencasts (aka videos), posted whenever I get something working.

These will appear on the website soon, but for now you can click these links …

0.0.1 … 21-Dec-13 … hello world
0.0.2 … 22-Dec-13 … world and item framework; SVG paths
0.0.3 … 31-Dec-13 … KM-1) battlezone browsing; KM-2) item and property panels
0.0.4 …  2-Jan-14 … KM-12) local persistence
0.0.5 …  3-Jan-14 … KM-3) generic items and shapes

Tidepool development will resume next week after I go live with the new website and trailer.

ALSO, I just posted this week’s book chapter, yet another way I’m trying to stay visible.


I do know that everyone’s super busy, so I don’t expect you to read or watch all of this.

Just know that if ever you’re curious how things are going, you can follow along at any time.

Take care,

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