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Exactly three months since starting, I’m done with project prep — business plan, website, trailer, and design. Starting Monday, I can finally roll up my sleeves and resume coding.  I’m fantastically thrilled about this, particularly given all the word-squeezing and financial fretting of the recent past.

Programming is its own reward.  You get in the flow and let the system lead where it will.  There’s a stark and simple beauty to the task.  Things either work or they don’t.  Writing business plans and such is quite another matter.  Imagining an audience reading and reacting, feeling them watch over my shoulder as I write … I’m so glad it’s done!

So now comes the moment of truth.  I have 84 emails in my outbox.  Once I click “send”, there’s no going back.  No second chance at making a first impression.  While I wish the 3D movies in the trailer were complete, I’ve decided it’s “fish or cut bait” time … time to stop preparing and start DOING.   The 3D can come later.

So here goes … something.

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