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Hi everyone,

Just a quick note this week to let you know we’re making steady progress on Tidepool.

Follow along yourself on our new Tidepool channel on YouTube:


Every day or so, I post a two-minute video showing off each new feature as it’s finished.   Please subscribe.

You can also read more about these videos in this week’s book chapter:


In other news, I need your help thinking up inappropriate words for young children … words we don’t want seen as usernames or item names.

I’ve wired up a simple “reserved words” database which you can add to.  Feel free to reserve non-curses too, such as your family names, etc.  For those that speak other languages, please include curses in your mother tongue as well.


(be prepared to see profanity here … this is the one time in life where cursing is actually a *good* thing 🙂

Take care,

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