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Hi everyone,

Java 8 was released last week, which is very good news for Tidepool, given the greatly improved 3D capabilities.

Since my last Monday mailing, I’ve made extensive use of these features, which you can see in our latest screencast:


We’re now using real topographical maps for the terrain.  If you by chance have a few extra minutes, please help gather topo quadrants for Tidepool.  Any region (in the US) is fine … perhaps around your house!   Major cities will certainly be needed.

You can find out how here:


We hope to have a good amount of topo data by the end of June.  I’m hoping to crowdsource this.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you find a better way to get this data, or if you’re in another country and want to research the availability of other topo maps, I’m all ears.

If you have Dropbox, you can upload the topo PNGs here:


One thing I left out is that you should also upload the KML file, which is linked in the USGS email.  Put all PNGs and the KML in their own directory in Dropbox.

If you don’t yet have Dropbox, let me refer you so I can increase our disk space.  We’re going to need it!

Simply say, “Refer me to Dropbox” and I’ll do it right away (even if you don’t do any topo work).

Take care,

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