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Hi everyone,

If you’re reading this, then you’re one of twelve people on the Tidepool “shakedown team.” This means you get the dubious honor of testing software that’s quite simply not ready yet 🙂

Go to the download page on http://projectkismet.com with the account you already made (Chris, shoot me an email when yours is made.)

Things I already know:

1) the installer is too big (it will get smaller)

2) it takes too long to load (it will get faster)

3) the Skedaddle game takes too long to start (it will get quicker)

Here’s the official list of bugs and change requests:


(if you don’t have an account, let me know and I’ll add you to the group).

Feel free to add things in the tracker, or you can send bugs or feature requests to [HIDDEN-FROM-SPAMMERS] and it will automatically get entered.

One last thing … starting tomorrow, I’ll be in Tidepool from noon to one new-york-time. Henceforth this is called Tidepool Time, which is when we can get together and try things together.

Happy hunting!


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