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I hope you’re having a great start to your summer.  Isabel, Paula, and I have been biking and playing, loving the warm weather.

Tidepool’s really coming along.  Looks like we’ll be “code complete” by Halloween and finished by Christmas.  I’d love to have a short Tidepool chat with you in the next week or two.  I’m nearly always available, just let me know when.

In other news, we’re opening things up to investors again, looking for the last $40,000 we need to finish, offering another 16% of our business. I’ve attached the most recent business plan in case you’re interested or know someone who might be.  To invest with a credit card and monthly payments, go here:


You can also give smaller amounts to help us get there.  All money given will ultimately be paid forward from profits to educational groups, so you’re giving to both Tidepool and future causes. Have a look at our Contribute section to see the giving levels and perks:


To see the current state of Tidepool, watch our new Alpha 1 Preview video.  Remember, this is a very early Tidepool version, with much more functionality to come.


We go live with the Tidepool alpha in a few days.  We found and fixed 35 bugs during shakedown and need a bit more testing.  Watch your email for instructions.

Till then, here’s the next book chapter:


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