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Hi everyone,

As most of you (or your kids) know, I’m developing an educational game called Tidepool … kind of a non-violent, educational, hand-drawn variant of Minecraft.

I’d like to invite your child to be one of twelve original members of the Kismet Club, a group of Tidepool users that will someday get much larger.

I’ve chosen the twelve to fit these criteria:

1) even mix of boys and girls
2) half in the Lehigh Valley, half in Bucks County
3) going into 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade
4) likes video games or tablets

No money or time is required of you or your child, though we do hope you’ll play Tidepool at home and attend some Tidepool playdates this summer.

You’ll be joining an existing group of 74 families who have been following the Tidepool project all year.  To catch up on what you missed, visit:


I’m not expecting you to read all of those old emails, just letting you know they’re there if you’re curious.

You can also read some chapters of a book I’m writing about the project:


I’ll be sending you each a secret codename that will allow you to download Tidepool soon.   It also grants you five Tidepool accounts with lifetime unlimited crystals, which someday could be quite the bonus.  Only 84 families will ever get these.

We’ll be releasing the first Tidepool alpha version in a day or two, so watch your email.


p.s. the 12 kids are Abby (4th), Annabella (3rd), Armaan (2nd), Brady (4th), Christian (3rd), Dana (3rd), Isabel (3rd), Jackson (3rd), Kai (3rd), Lillie (2nd), Maisy (3rd), and Reece (3rd).

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