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Hi everyone,

Tidepool alpha 1 is ready to download!


Be sure to watch the preview video if you haven’t already.  It teaches you how to use Tidepool.


Let me know if you need help remembering your password (if you made an account) or codename (if you didn’t).

Also, keep in mind that “alpha” means “there will be bugs.”   It’s a testing version, one of nine before the final version at year’s end.

If you do find a bug, please describe it in an email and send it to [EMAIL HIDDEN].   You can also send your suggestions to the same address.

To see the current bugs & suggestions, scan the list on the right of our tracker’s home page:


The Windows version shows a small error when you first run it.  Simply close this.  It’s harmless.

Have fun!  And remember that Tidepool Time is 12 noon ET every day.  Log in then to play Skedaddle with us!

Take care,

p.s. here’s the next book chapter:


p.p.s. if you’re running Linux, you currently need an NVIDIA graphics card with the latest NVIDIA drivers.

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