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Weeks of rest are good for the soul, though lousy for project momentum.  Here now as I start Milestone 2, I’m pushing the out-of-gas Cadillac down the empty country road — impossible to start, then slowly better.

During my break, I had ample time to reflect on the year’s worries, on my missteps, on the future.  Without the exhilaration of the first release to prop my spirits, the last seven months have seemed quite the ordeal.    Between the strain of the complexity and the stress of the schedule, I’ve been trudging with difficulty for some time now.  Add to this the familial wear of our self-imposed break-even budget and the ever-present loneliness of this huge and solo task … let’s just say that I spent my vacation with slumped shoulders and a thousand-mile stare.

Last weekend the prospect of starting up again seemed unthinkable, but as these things usually go, a few hours reminding myself of the full vision did the trick.  I watched all the videos and read the whole blog.  I read the business plan again and gave myself a good talking to.  Now I stand ready and eager to sally forth and finish, excited to start coding.

There’s a snag though, a pretty big one:  we’re broke, or will be next month.  Without September’s needed $5000, the project will necessarily stall in its tracks just before the pivotal public release.

Never easy, eh?   But what fun would that be?

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