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Hi everyone,

Tidepool is moving along nicely these days after a slow summer.

(version 0.1.2 – the world gets bigger)
(version 0.1.3 – stories & portals)

Our current plan is to finish up Alpha 2 in the next ten days, so get your paintbrush ready to sketch and make stories.  I know it’s been a long time since the last alpha.  This should be a good one.

We’ve also started to reach out to area colleges in hopes of giving them a taste of Tidepool during our upcoming “Kismet Club” classes.  My aim is to build partnerships in my own backyard (for a change!).  We’re looking to spark the same kind of interest as our earlier Waveplace work, encouraging teachers and students to make courseware, do research, and organize service learning trips. Read more about it in my latest book chapter.

In other news, our funding ran out last month.  I’m pretty happy we made it nine months, though wish we were further along.  I did manage to find a corporate gig I can spend half my time on while I finish Tidepool.  Unfortunately this means everything will slow down for a while. My new goals are beta by New Years and gold by March 21st.  Gotta pay the bills!

Donations are still open and very much appreciated.  All money will be paid forward from profits to other educational groups.

Lastly, I’ve made a Reddit section for Tidepool.  Please help make it more lively by subscribing and posting a comment or two, perhaps in the Introductions thread.   If you don’t yet know about Reddit, I highly recommend the “Today I Learned” section, which always has something interesting.  Be warned though, there are places on Reddit that aren’t suitable for work or children, so I wouldn’t leave your kids alone with it.   It’s a very populated nexus for gaming though, which is why I posted our shingle there (for a start).

Take care,

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