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With nearly no Tidepool time in January and February, I reached a billable resting point in early March and resolved to release the long delayed Alpha 2.  Crossing Pennsylvania by bus with the Moravian Choir on their Ohio tour, I dove in to fix the 20 holiday bugs.

The first ten were easy, giving the woefully mistaken impression that I was halfway there.  As I trudged through the thornier issues, it became clear that some wholesale rewiring was needed.  My months away had given me a fresh perspective, prompting new ideas for a cleaner foundation.

While never a good idea to make big changes to a “release candidate”, I deemed the risk worth it and ripped up the floorboards.  First one major piece, then another, I went on a “refactoring” binge, all the while hoping the big release was right around the corner. After wrestling the changes to the ground, I fixed all but one of the holiday bugs and made a new release candidate.

Well, today’s “smoke test” wasn’t good.  I found another 19 bugs!  Not surprising given the scope of the changes, but come on!   Nineteen steps forward, nineteen steps back.

Given financial priorities, I need to put Tidepool back on the shelf again, so March will end without a release.  While in my head I know the code’s in a much better state, my heart feels like nothing’s changed in over four months.

And now more waiting . . .

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