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Hi everyone,

It’s been two weeks since my Kismet Club invite.  With only four kids confirmed (and one of these just for Saturday), I’ve decided to cancel the in-person classes until there’s more interest.

I completely understand.  Spring is a busy time with many activities.

In a few days, you’ll all get an email to try out the new Tidepool release.  If you have time, please show the tutorial video to your child and help them download Tidepool.  We’ll be unveiling Tidepool to the world in a month or two, so their creations will be the first for many other children to see.

If there’s renewed interest after you kids have tried Tidepool at home, perhaps we’ll reschedule the classes.  Otherwise, I’ll reach out to a new group (probably homeschoolers) for July & August.

Take care, and have a great summer!


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