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Today I release Tidepool Alpha 2.

Imagine me pausing a minute to let that sentence sink in.  After six months of corporate distraction, after 72 seemingly never-ending bug fixes, after near daily grieving of my delayed dream, I’m finally able to show what I’ve been working on since last July.  Tidepool now lets you create sketches, animations, scaffolding, and stories.  There’s quite a lot that’s changed.

Even better, I now get to move forward with the much anticipated Alpha 3.  When this new version is done, you’ll be able to code your agents to do your bidding, letting you learn real programming.  It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been dreaming up how to do this for nearly eight years.  In all that time teaching with tools like Etoys and Scratch, I’ve imagined how I’d change things.  Now I get to put words to action.

My hope is to have something genuinely cool to show while attending ISTE in late June, so I can find collaborators from among the hundreds of ed-tech enthusiasts at this industry leading event.  I need a team to help me create courseware this summer.

And I need players, lots of players.  From today forward, it’s all about luring people to play.  Starting with my hundred colleagues, friends, and family members, I now need to slowly grow our community, one player-minute at a time.

Right now on our server, the Tidepool world sits empty, waiting to be filled.

You may begin.

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