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Hi everyone,

At long last, I’m thrilled to announce that Tidepool Alpha 2 is available for download!


You’ll need to log in first, or create an account if you haven’t already.  If you need help remembering your username, password, or secret code (needed to create a new account), reply to this email.

To learn about Tidepool, either press F1 ingame for the help section or watch these short videos.

Keep in mind that this is an ALPHA release, which means There Will Be Bugs.  Also, everything is slower and less polished than it will be later.

** If you’re using Windows, you may see a box that says “Failed due to exception from main class.”  Simply click OK and wait for the program to start.  This bug is harmless.

If you find new bugs, let me know by sending me an email or by adding an “issue” on our tracker:


And thank you for being one of the hundred alpha testers on my list.  Whether you find time to try Tidepool or not, it helps to know I’m sharing this journey with colleagues, friends, and family.

Now begins my big push to expand Tidepool in time for the ISTE conference in late June.  ISTE is the world’s largest education technology conference, and this year it’s being held nearby in Philadelphia.  Only 42 days to go!

Take care,Tim

ps, here’s the latest book chapter.

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