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Hi everyone,

Some Windows users are having trouble.  To get Tidepool working on Windows, install these SAFE extras from Microsoft:

http://immuexa.com/download/public/vcredist_x86.exe (if your Windows is 32-bit)

http://immuexa.com/download/public/vcredist_x64.exe (if your Windows is 64-bit)

If you don’t know if you’re 32 or 64 bit, install both and it should work fine.

If you’re like me and have NO IDEA where it PUT Tidepool on Windows 8, type “Tidepool” in the search field in the upper right of the boxy Start screen.

You can then right-click on “Tidepool” and do “Pin to Start” or “Pin to Taskbar” to find it more easily later. Be sure to wait a while while it first loads.  Seems extra long, but it might just be my machine.

And yes, I will make this easier in the next version.  Today was my first attempt using Windows 8.

Take care,


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