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Well folks, hell did indeed freeze over last weekend.  After six months of financial limbo, I was finally able to fix Tidepool’s remaining bugs and ship Alpha 2 to my 100 alpha testers.

You can see my quick tutorials here.

Now begins the fun part … adding my own programming system that will let players code their creations. No, I’m not using a traditional scripting language like JavaScript or any other C-derived procedural bag of control-structure tricks.  Instead, I’m using my years of teaching young children how to program to make something more contextual, more flexible, more like human language.  It’ll be rule-based, much like Prolog, but more …. event-driven.

To hear me ramble about it for 20 minutes, listen to today’s podcast episode.

My current schedule has me finishing this current milestone by early June.  As for Colossal Cave, I decided to hold off on the core logic so that I can use Tidepool’s rule system to implement Crowther&Wood’s action mapping.

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