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Yesterday was all about luring people on my alpha list to actually respond.  Turns out my mailing list announcement on Saturday ended up in most people’s spam (or worse), so I took the time to individually address all 100 people, asking them to click a link to let me know they’re out there.  Yes, sounds desperate, I know.  And I kinda was.

I made a landing page that summarized how to download and play the new Tidepool release once I realized that most people didn’t get the first email.   The good news is that my response rate greatly increased … almost half have at least clicked through the link and seen the landing page.  Still very few downloads and NO players except me, my wife, and daughter.  Yes, I know, it’s been less than a day for most of them.  I’m impatient, okay?

In other news, today’s podcast discusses thorny addressability issues in-game, such as what does it mean when you type “seymour forward 100” when you’ve got two agents named seymour by different players AND a player named seymour.

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