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Programming in Tidepool has three key differences with other systems.  First, the overall model is one of conversational language acquisition.  You chat with your agents to learn what they know and to teach them new tricks.  Second, all coding is “talkable,” meaning you can dictate it through a voice recognition interface.  Last, coding is very flexible as there are often many different ways to say the same thing.  Tidepool will use Storybot, our cognitive agent, to help determine what players are trying to say using “do you mean?” clarifications based upon the evolving context.

I discuss all this in today’s podcast, along with my first testbed of sentence types:

* seymour forward 10
* seymour turn 90
* seymour sound meep
* seymour begin, forward 15, turn 120, forward 15, turn 120, forward 15, end
* seymour when square, begin, forward 10, turn 90, forward 10, turn 90, forward 10, turn 90, forward 10, end
* seymour when anyone is near, forward 10
* seymour when mosey, forward 25
* seymour square
* seymour mosey

As you can see with the “square” example, I’m using the “when” clause to define what would be a method or function in another system.  “When” statements define rules, which are the quintessential code block in Tidepool.  Anything more than a simple command or block is a rule.

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