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Regular expressions are likely the most powerful, most underrated, tool in all of programming, or so I preach in today’s podcast.  I also touch on Tidepool’s parser, which allows players to type commands in a variety of formats, allowing something closer to natural language than your typical syntax-laden command line.

Of particular interest today is messaging scopes.  When you type a line into Tidepool’s message bar, where does it go?  Does a player or agent on the other side of the Tidepool world see it?   How about those outside your current story?   At this point, Tidepool will have the following scopes:

  • world – every player/agent will see your message
  • neighborhood – only parcels where the sender is a “helper” will see it
  • parcel – only the sender’s parcel will see it (and all the stories in that parcel)
  • story – only the sender’s current story will see it (and all its scenes)
  • scene – only the sender’s current scene will see it

By default, only players and agents in the sender’s current scene will see messages.  Keep in mind, when I say ‘message’, I don’t just mean chat messages.  Every action and change in Tidepool is done by sending messages, so “seymour forward 10” will be seen by other agents and players in seymour’s current scene.

I haven’t figured out the syntax for specifying other scopes yet.  More examples are needed.

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