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A big part of developing & marketing a software product is management, or talk-talk-talking through your goals, plans, and pesky side issues.  Given a choice, I’d gladly ignore such things and happily wallow in the code all day, but given my background and skills, I’m usually the one brainstorming schedule and marketing plans, as I do in today’s podcast.

The plan is to release the next version, Alpha 3, the programming version, on June 20th.  On that day, we also launch our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our courseware authors.  I’m planning to pay eight people to create 24 courseware units.  Each will get paid $1000 a unit for 40 hours work (two weeks).

Kickstarter donors who give $50 or more get to use Tidepool right away.  All other donors wait till we finish our Kickstarter and release Alpha 4, the courseware version, on July 19th.  By then, we should have eight units.

A month later, we launch the Tidepool beta on August 13th.  On that day, we open up the floodgates and let everyone play.  We focus our publicity efforts in August on teachers and schools, who are just beginning their fall prep.

* $50 gets you in during Alpha 3 (June 20)
* $25 gets you in during Alpha 4 (Jul 19)
* everyone gets in during the beta (Aug 13).

Sounds like a plan, and a lot of work!

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