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After a year plus working on my own, it’s both wonderful and horrible to have new people playing Tidepool.  As hard as I try to find and fix my own bugs, I’m necessarily, categorically, awful at the task.  Like racehorses trained to go straight around a circle, developers have well-established blinders with their own code.  We create our own ruts, repeating the same sequence of steps sometimes hundreds of times until we can no longer see another way around.

One funny, and inexplicable, example happened last night.  I was playing Tidepool with my friend Jon, typing to him, making jokes.  “Wait, what just happened?”   A little later, “There it is again.”  Turns out whenever you type the closed parenthesis, it sends you “home”, just as if you clicked the home button.  How on earth did I go so long without finding this bug?   Well, it turns out I didn’t make smiley faces with myself when typing “this is a test” and “right back at ya” over and over.

Also in today’s podcast, I brainstorm the new director box, a fresh and full-of-possibility UI design … my favorite thing to make.  Instead of talking about it, here’s a scan from my design book. Nothing makes me happier than solving puzzles like this.

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