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I am of course imperfect and emotional.  While academia and business pretend they’re immune, working solo on a two year project, I have no such luxury.  From the start, I’ve maintained that the biggest risk, the most likely reason for failure, is not being emotionally strong enough to finish.  While I left this risk off the business plan for obvious reasons, it’s been foremost in my mind all along.  I guess I should give myself credit for putting in a full year so far.

Today’s podcast is a good example of the periodic “talking to” I give myself when I’m feeling down.  While most would think it a mopefest, I suspect others can relate.  Much is made in our culture of the struggling writer or painter, working alone in frustration.  Programming is no different.  Whether part of a team or alone, we each wrestle with our doubts.  Being the sole designer, programmer, marketer, and tester is its own kind of gauntlet.

The struggle isn’t technical.  It’s human.

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