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Some code is central to everything, a kind of Grand Central Station through which all activity passes.  Nowadays such code is usually provided for you by third-party frameworks.  Since I’m essentially making a framework, I get to craft my own centerpiece, which I just named perform, which I discuss in today’s podcast.

Whenever you press a key or issue a command, it goes through perform. Each line of your scripts go through perform.  Whenever a player near you does something, it goes through perform, both yours and hers.   If there was one place in all of Tidepool’s twelve-thousand pages of code where a bug would wreak the most havoc, it would be the nine lines of perform.

Which is why I’m nervous, since yesterday I completely rewired things to allow for the new programming functionality.  Such major changes are best left for the beginning of milestones, since this gives time to let the ramifications reveal themselves.  We’re 30 days from the ISTE conference, but I’m still leary of such system-wide changes.  Time will tell.

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