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Well, yesterday I really broke things.  Tidepool has several commands that operate on the player, such as forward, rotate, and so forth.  I wanted to generalize the system to use the same commands on any visible item in the game, so I could say “seymour.19 forward 20”, etc.

To do this, I needed to move a lot of well-tested functionality from the TpCameraGroup class (which controls what you’re looking at) to the TpItemNode class (which controls each visible item).  After an unholy slew of cut-and-pasting, I tried Tidepool and found that you can no longer move.  Even stranger, as you do try to WASD your way around, the player’s “lamp” (a light source that goes with you) does move, giving the impression of a ghostly friend walking without you.

A few attempts to fix this made things even worse.  I start today with the player looking straight up at the sky and no way to move.  Luckily, we use version control, so I can revert this mess if I really need to, though I’m hoping to find the bit I missed this morning.

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