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Today’s podcast begins with a rundown of the four primary ways a software development schedule can slip:

  • real time – you’re not able to spend enough hours
  • poor focus – your brain just can’t latch on
  • tech troubles – third party nightmares or your own damn bugs
  • goldplating – you make something better than it needs to be

When a deadline is looming, these fears are my constant companions. Collectively they can turn a month into three pretty easily.  We try to manage this with daily status checking and course corrections, but even then the schedule’s pretty much a gamble.  Software is hard.

So how do I know that Milestone 3 will be done in the next nineteen days?   Honestly, I don’t.  It’s a reasoned estimate, one that the software gods are likely laughing about right now.   With more than thirty years of software project experience behind me, I can say with certainty that software schedules are uncertain.

Which is why we use tools like agile and timeboxing, but that’s another story.

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