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In today’s podcast, I talk through a current bug involving 3D coordinate transformations.  After some recent refactoring, the player no longer moves in the direction they are facing.  The WASD keys move along the X and Z axes only, even though you can look around correctly.

Talking about it with you, the imagined audience, is an example of something called rubber duck debugging, where you try to explain a problem in simple terms to a non-technical stand-in.  The act of explaining it often clarifies the problem, allowing you to fix the bug.  In truth, the rubber duck is often more helpful than most managers.

Last night I was at dinner with my consulting client until 10pm.  Between the time this bug has taken, and the hours I’ve lost down here in Jackson, I’m beginning to worry that I won’t be able to make up the lost time.  I’m not at the “change the plan” stage yet, but I’m fast approaching it.

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