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In 24 days, I’ll be attending the largest annual gathering of education tech enthusiasts, the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.  While I won’t be presenting, I do hope to speak with as many teachers as I can.  This morning I debated what printed materials to hand out.

I’m a fan of moo.com, primarily for their ability to print a different image, front and back, on every business card or postcard you print.  I’ve been around the advertising world for literally my entire life.  Such flexibility (and pricing) is pretty much unheard of until recently.

I plan to print a variety of in-game sketches on the front and signup details (including unique codenames) on the back. Right now I’m debating between their square cards (left), mini cards (center), and postcards (right). The postcards would be best to leave on a table for people to take, while the others would be great to handout.  At these prices, I might even do both.

Now to convince my alpha team to spend the next few weeks drawing sketches.

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