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Last time my wife used the Tidepool website, she was overwhelmed.  “Where do I click?  There are two many choices.”   Over time, the site has grown in complexity.  With fourteen choices on the side navs, it was overdue for some serious pruning.

This morning I split the site in two, with half pertaining to the actual game and the other half to project nuts and bolts.  Now you have to click “Project” to see things like “Roadmap”, “Biz Plan”, and “Tracker”.

While this helps, I’m still feeling fairly “meh” overall.  I designed this to be an internal project site, so didn’t spend much wow time on it.  I’d love to add more images and color, with some nifty scrolling sections as is so common these days, but I just don’t have the time to do it justice.

Besides, I don’t want it to be too slick.  Tidepool is a hand-drawn world.  The website should showcase this aesthetic.

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