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Friday in Phoenix, I gradually talked myself down off a ledge and lowered my expectations for this release.  Today back home, I reversed my views, convincing myself to finish Alpha 3 before the ISTE conference.

The thing about deadlines is that they only work if you really believe them.  The stress of an approaching date helps focus and limit efforts.  For most, it’s the needed kick in the pants to actually do the work.  Or not.  Too often deadlines sap your motivation, causing burnout and lost productivity for no good reason.

For me, deadlines have their own kind of magic.  You visualize the impending outcome and circumstances align in mysterious ways.  Great ideas arise that normally wouldn’t.  Things click into place exactly when needed.  Wrapping up a release can be as exciting as good movie … surprises, setbacks, solutions, resolve.

I’ve imagined myself showing off Tidepool at ISTE for years. Here I am only weeks away and close enough to finish the part that’s better than Scratch and Tynker.  Do I settle for the last version and say, “Imagine the rest”, or do I finish the new version so I can show them why Tidepool is better.  Obviously the latter, which means I’ve got a deadline.

Fourteen days.

Here’s a punch list I just put in our stairwell so my wife and daughter can follow along.

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