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After a long weekend of soul searching, I rediscovered my gumption while watching my daughter try Goat Simulator.  Ascending an impossibly tall tower, climbing a ladder as a goat with her hind-legs and head, she reached the top and my wife and I wondered, “What next?”  Surely some horrible death was to come, but no!   Way, way down we spied a trampoline, and sure enough, she was able to jump from the tower and hit it.  Watching her goat self bounce crazily again and again, I remembered the bit I’d forgotten:

This is supposed to be fun!

My realization led to a flurry of work. Tuesday, Wednesday, and today were about conference preparations, most notable the 250 square flyers I’ll be handing out.  Each of them has their own unique codename, which took forever.   I finished my moo.com order ten minutes before the midnight deadline last night.  As Paula said, “Just In Time Tim”.

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