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Usually after pushing myself too hard, as I did before and during the ISTE conference, I lapse into a period of “lateral drift”, where I focus on unnecessary things, things that are not “shoulds”.  Some of my best ideas come during these times, though they’re always at the expense of something else I should be doing.

This week I added functionality to my Storymill web app (the Tidepool hub) to let me send email announcements to various groups that I define, such as courseware authors.  I also integrated Tidepool into a nifty new multiplatform IRC-like app called HipChat.  You can now click “chat” on the website to enter our chatroom, where you’ll see the chat within Tidepool itself and be able to talk with Tidepool players and other Hipchatters.

Now back to real work Smiley

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