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For the last week, my wife and daughter have been helping me make “Let’s Play Tidepool” videos.  We’re using the latest dev version, which is all but untested.  As an incentive, I’m offering my daughter a popsicle for every bug she finds, and my wife a 15 minute back massage.  Needless to say, my bug count has skyrocketed in the last week.

As my mistakes are more visible, both at home and on YouTube, I’ve been on a bug fixing spree, which is probably a good thing.  While big-ticket new functionality like the scripting IDE is getting pushed back, my new bug focus keeps my efforts low to the ground.  I make smaller, safer changes knowing that later that day I’ll be hearing my daughter chant, “I found a bug!”

Yesterday I fixed the oldest bug in my tracker, one I’ve deemed optional for over a year.  The white dots around images are now gone, as can be seen on the bottom shot.  While it’s a subtle change, the world feels much cleaner as a result.  Little changes mean a lot.

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