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Hi everyone,

If you’re getting this email, then you’re either a software developer I trust or an educator on the courseware team.

Either way, you’re invited to try next week’s Tidepool release candidate, which will have full programmability, so you can code your sketches to make fully interactive stories.

Are you able to set aside a few hours next week to test Tidepool?   I’d much rather have people I know find the inevitable bugs, so I can fix them before strangers arrive.

This is a make-or-break release … the most important of the alphas.  It’s also the first time we’re inviting people from outside our little group of 99 to try Tidepool, specifically the hundreds I spoke to at the ISTE conference last month.

The testing time will be between Monday and Sunday of next week.  Let me know if you can spare a few hours to download and test Tidepool in that time.

Thank you for the gift of your time, even if it’s just to read this email.

Take care,



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