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(18 days till alpha 3 — 110 days till beta — 220 days till gold)

I’ve been working on Tidepool steadily, though haven’t made a devlog post in four weeks.  No real reason why.  I did keep the podcast going.  Alpha 3 is coming along, with the coding IDE almost done and agents looping and bouncing to their own rules.

Yesterday I committed to a final release schedule.  Come what come may, we’ll ship a version on the 1st of the next four months (Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec), then the 20th of the next three (Jan/Feb/Mar).  The feature-complete beta will ship on December 1st (in 110 days) and the gold version will ship on March 20th (in 220 days).

EDIT: The dates are now the 20th of each month through March.  Beta on Dec 20th, gold on March 20th.

I’ll be timeboxing these dates, so we’ll slip features, not time.  No exceptions.

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