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Hi everyone,

I’ve been making great progress on Tidepool, though haven’t talked much about it this summer.  Yesterday I resumed my development log, with daily details and screenshots for those interested.  The programming interface is really coming along.

blog: http://playtidepool.com/news/

rss: http://playtidepool.com/news/feed/

We’ve also picked some solid release dates.  For too long, I’ve treated Tidepool as a pet project with “when it’s done” aspirations.  From here on, I’ll timebox each release as I would with a client.

So, mark your calendar … beta release on December 1st … official “gold” release on March 20th.  These dates will not change.

We’re planning a release party on March 20th with an equinox bonfire in our backyard, so if you’re able to make it out for the weekend, we’ll make room for you.  One way or another, my twenty-one months of work will be done, so come celebrate or commiserate.

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