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(16 days till alpha 3 — 108 days till beta — 218 days till gold)

Yesterday I finished the rule box, which pops up when you edit or add rules from the director.  Rules have a name, a list of conditions, and a list of messages.  Conditions are boolean expressions that can be and’ed and or’ed.  When the conditions are met, the messages get sent.   Messages can be sent back to the agent itself, or to any other agent or item in the story.

Yesterday, I also did my first cutting … bumping seven optional issues to the next milestone to keep to the timebox.  It felt awful to give up some of these, such as trimming the installer size and adding a splash screen on launch, but they’re not strictly necessary for an alpha and I’ve committed to maintaining these dates.  Perhaps if a later issue takes less time I can add them back.

Today’s podcast talks about a few upcoming issues, such as polling for conditions and the revamped roster (list of players & agents).

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