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(15 days till alpha 3 — 107 days till beta — 217 days till gold)

After being heckled on a mailing list last night, I started my podcast today feeling daunted at the prospect of publicizing Tidepool myself.  Though I was raised by the original Don Draper, I don’t quite have the stomach for bragging through a megaphone, all appearances to the contrary.  My mood didn’t even improve as I started some fun UI work, so I decided to accompany my wife on a drive to nearby Easton, Pennsylvania.

Easton is home to one of the world’s most recognized childhood joys: Crayola.  About a year ago, I decided to use their 120 colors as the palette for Tidepool, simply because it was fun looking through a big box of crayons to find a color to use in game.  I also have fond memories, like every other kid on the planet, using them to draw.  For a while now, I’ve been cruising the Tidepool world with these colors all around.

Today I walked into the Crayola Factory and was surrounded once again by these friendly, familiar colors.  My mood improved immediately.

No, I don’t have formal permission to use these colors, and no, I haven’t asked my intellectual property lawyer (or Crayola) just yet.  I suspect anyone’s allowed to use the colors, though perhaps not some of the color names.  If prompted, I could easily rename “razzmatazz” and the rest, though it’d be nice for kids to still be able to type in their crayon color names.

Either way, that store, those colors, and Tidepool simply make me happy.  Thank you Binney & Smith for bringing your dream into being.

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