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(14 days till alpha 3 — 106 days till beta — 216 days till gold)

Just finished the improved roster, which lets you start, stop, and step one agent or many, depending on the checkboxes.  I’ve also split players from agents in tabs.

This took an hour and a half less than expected, which let me put some issues back into this release, which is always cool.  I won’t hold my breath though, since later issues will likely take longer too.  The give and take of a timebox, as discussed on today’s podcast.

In other news, I spoke to the first of ten courseware authors last night about Tidepool and the units we plan to create in the next six weeks.  I’m speaking with each individually over the next week, then we’ll start building with the alpha 3 release candidate.  Bless these fearless teachers for agreeing to create lessons with a shaky alpha.

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