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Yesterday I finished the features for the upcoming release, which felt great for a few hours. Some of the trickiest bits are in this release, which implements a full-blown programming system in the game world.  I’m able to do some nifty things now, which I’ll show off in coming days.

The good feelings ended after the multiplayer integration test.   I found another 20 bugs, which brings the count to 40.   Pretty close to what I expected, but there’s always that hope that things will go better.  After pushing for weeks, it really knocked me out.

Fixing them will take roughly twenty hours, which if the past is any guide will lead to another 20 bugs and ten hours, which means I’ve got a good 30 hours before the release candidate.  This is time I don’t have if I want to keep the schedule.

This morning I waivered between doubling my hours or pushing the schedule.  Given that I’m feeling the unmistakable twinges of burnout breakdown, I wisely opted for the later.  I’ll use up my December buffer and push the next four releases forward.  Who needs a holiday break anyway?

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