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It’s been a while since I posted, as I’ve been heads-down on the alpha 3 release.  After finishing the new features two weeks ago, I found a whopping 40 bugs during our initial testing, which took me two weeks to fix.

Saturday’s joy at reaching zero bugs was short-lived.  Yesterday’s five hours of testing yielded another 30 bugs, eight of them show-stoppers, preventing our release.

As I wake this morning, I’m sick about it.  I’ve been neglecting my billable project, my daughter’s homeschooling, my house chores, and myself.  Every responsible part of me says, “Put Tidepool on the shelf a while and tend to important things.”   Every hopeful part says, “You’re almost there … keep going.”

Last autumn, I listened to the responsible part and lost six months of Tidepool time.   As this new autumn starts, I have 150 playtesters waiting for the release, many of whom will forget their initial interest if too much time goes on.

Doing both billable and Tidepool is a practical choice, but I’ve been on the edge of debilitating burnout for a while now.  Also, my track record balancing both hasn’t been great.  In the four months since last release, I’ve lost a whopping $15,000 of net income by putting Tidepool first.

So what’s the choice?   Tidepool on the shelf?   Delay billable a bit more?   Do both and risk burnout?

The only certain thing is my 30 new bugs, which will not go away on their own.

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