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After running a gauntlet of showstopper bugs and last-minute preparations, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of our first public Tidepool alpha!

Tidepool Alpha 3 adds true programmability to your sketches, allowing you to make games and stories that interact with players.

Since this is an alpha release, you should expect to find some unexpected behavior or slow spots.  Everything will get smoother, faster, and easier.

More than 150 of you have signed up to playtest Tidepool, so we’re going to roll things out slowly to assure we don’t swamp our server.

Before playing, you’ll need to pick a slot in our schedule.  We’re allowing ten new players a day in the first week, which should allow us to fix performance issues.

For more details, visit the launch page, which includes a five-minute Welcome Video.

Take care,

p.s.  Watch us play together in our Let’s Play Tidepool YouTube series.

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