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Two years ago today, I started work on Project Kismet.  As that new winter dawned, I imagined it would take a year to build Tidepool and Storymill.  With pausing for four months and working half-time for five, I’ve put in a year and a half, with many months still to go.  Double sounds about right for software estimates.  Too bad the extra time is coming from my own hide.

My goal of finishing Colossal Cave by today came and went, and so I’ll work weekends in January to launch our Kickstarter on the 21st, my 50th birthday.  Whatever that outcome, I’ve at least got till Spring to finish the beta.  The Kickstarter determines how much further I go from there.  Strange perhaps to work for two years and then ask for “startup” money, but then this hasn’t been your typical project.

I still wake up every morning with new ideas to tell my tape recorder.  I still fall asleep dreaming of the Tidepool community, collaborating as they make games & stories, as they learn programming.  I still cherish the vision of Tidepool.  I believe in its future.

But I’m worn out, and need rest.  Happy Holidays everyone!   I’ll see you next year.

(day 2 of 30 till Alpha 4 and the Kickstarter)

Beginning again has been tough.  After flailing around in the source for a while, I decided to do a full step-by-step code review from startup, looking at each line, refreshing the details in my brain.   This took 2.5 hours just to open the program!   Such are custom-built frameworks, but I’m reminded how much power is under the hood, how much I have to work with.

For today’s Let’s Play Tidepool episode, I started implementing Colossal Cave Adventure. After some analysis of the original data file, it seems I’ll need to create 66 rooms and sketch 23 items.  I drew the first four items today and begin laying out rooms.

In other news, I came across a teacher in-game from Seattle who wants to help test Tidepool next month with a group of ten grade-schoolers.  He’s hoping they’ll gain experience testing software and coming up with suggestions and complaints.  My response was “Yes, yes, and yes.”

This morning’s podcast talked about the home-free-all game I’m about to implement.   Tricky details for so short a budgeted time span.

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