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(day 2 of 30 till Alpha 4 and the Kickstarter)

Beginning again has been tough.  After flailing around in the source for a while, I decided to do a full step-by-step code review from startup, looking at each line, refreshing the details in my brain.   This took 2.5 hours just to open the program!   Such are custom-built frameworks, but I’m reminded how much power is under the hood, how much I have to work with.

For today’s Let’s Play Tidepool episode, I started implementing Colossal Cave Adventure. After some analysis of the original data file, it seems I’ll need to create 66 rooms and sketch 23 items.  I drew the first four items today and begin laying out rooms.

In other news, I came across a teacher in-game from Seattle who wants to help test Tidepool next month with a group of ten grade-schoolers.  He’s hoping they’ll gain experience testing software and coming up with suggestions and complaints.  My response was “Yes, yes, and yes.”

This morning’s podcast talked about the home-free-all game I’m about to implement.   Tricky details for so short a budgeted time span.

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