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Back again after two weeks, I’m relaxed and ready for the 19-day uphill climb to Alpha 4 and the Kickstarter.

I’ve got just enough time to finish what’s on my task list, without much time to find and fix new bugs.  This means I need to tread lightly and be diligent about timeboxing.  I’ve a few fun features to start with, then next week’s push to recreate Colossal Cave.

Beyond coding, I need to start talking to people again, encouraging them to play Tidepool, back the Kickstarter, and spread the word.  I’ve got about 230 potential backers right now who have been hearing about the project for two years, so many of them need reminding.  I also need to start my larger publicity efforts.  My family business was advertising and publicity, so I’ve got some experience with this, but I’ll be heads-down coding most of the time.  It’ll be tough to juggle everything.

Enough talk … let’s go!

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