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As a developer and manager, the toughest choices are between the “right” and the “right now”.  Choose the former too often and you blow up the schedule.  Choose the latter too much and you build something no one wants.

Case in point … yesterday I “finished” card decks.  Here you see an easel. Click on it and it shows the first card in its deck.

As with any new feature, improvements soon became obvious.  I want the box size remembered.  I want a card-wide background color.  I want an easy way to center text (you’re seeing an indent).  I want a thumbnail showing in the easel.  These are all “right” choices.  But I’d already gone over the four hours I had scheduled for this feature, so I dumped these thoughts into a future issue and moved on.

The discipline to choose “right now” is the essence of professional programming.

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