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Big news!  I just registered for GDC in San Francisco in seven weeks.  It’ll be my first time attending this biggest gathering of game developers, where I hope to show Tidepool as I did at ISTE last June.  Convincing my wife to spend another $2000 was a tough sell, though the timing was just too good.

For months now, my project deadline has been March 21st.  By then, I need to switch to fully paid work, at least until the end of summer.  GDC coincidentally falls in the last week before this deadline, so if I’m to finish Tidepool’s beta by then, it’s a great place to show things off and connect with people.

Today is the first of fifty days till I leave for San Francisco, which fittingly was where Tidepool was born (at an OLPC conference).  Fifty days to finish the beta.   Fifty days to raise enough money to continue.   Fifty days to show the benefits of what I’ve done.

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