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Walk silently through crowds at crosswalks, glide smoothly up escalators in the Moscone expanse, our badged brethren have a thousand looks: the foot-shifting excited glances, the self-assured professional air, the concealed worry.  Among us are dreamers desperate to be heard, walking past the very connection they need to change their life, to make their career.

Three days I’ve spoken with the experienced, the bewildered, the fun. So welcome is our mutual interest, we validate, we remind each other that the world is odd, not us. Within the magic space of games, we find consolation, redemption, each other.

And here now back at the very place Tidepool began, eating at the same diner, pacing the same walkways, I’m reminded of the gifts this journey has given. Whatever the future may hold for my own personal dream, I’m thankful for the creative freedom of the last two years, for the many inspired talks. I’m grateful for the very possibility, of the backbreaking honest work behind me, of a vision that has never dimmed, that still excites me each time I tell it.

In these halls no doubt there are those to take me forward, but even if we never meet, if I return to Pennsylvania without the certainty of a next step, I’ll have tried. I’ve put myself completely out there. And while years hence I may wonder “what if” in tender moments, these fleeting thoughts are but smoke compared to the solid, undisputed effort that led me here.

Or, today I may find in the crowds my connection. With both hope for a favorable future and acceptance in the face of falling short, I am doubly blessed.

Great things are possible! Knowing this is the miracle, and enough.

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