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With 16 days to go and only 23% funded, we really need your help in spreading the word. Remember that Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.  If we don’t reach the full $18,000, we get nothing and your credit cards won’t get charged.

Please tell people you know to http://backTidepool.com.  If two or three of your friends each pledged $12, and a few of their friends did as well, we’d reach the goal easily.

If we’re funded, we can finish Tidepool this summer.  If we fail, we’ll have to delay Tidepool until the winter holidays, which means we’ll lose another full school year.

My great thanks to our newest 20 backers:

  • Sarah Zaranek
  • Mathiew Greenway
  • Robin and Larry
  • Pamela Thalacker
  • Jay Shaffstall
  • Terese Scott
  • Sara Bolokofsky
  • Blake Whitcomb
  • Anne Di Fiore-Will
  • David Leonhardt
  • Susan Fisher
  • Adam Corres
  • Tony Forster
  • Diane LaBelle
  • Yvonne Harrison
  • Jonathan Linowes
  • Christoph Derndorfer
  • Valerie Williams
  • Stephen Kelly
  • Bart Krauss
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