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(last kickstarter update)

Well, folks, we tried.  A warm-hearted thank you to the 69 backers who pledged $5031. Because we didn’t reach the goal, we’ll get none of it. Your cards won’t be charged.

In retrospect, I’d make a better “ask” video, with gameplay and bullet points in the beginning before the personal ask. I’d also make it clear the drawings in the game are intentionally done by amateurs, since this encourages young kids to draw. Lastly, I’d pick another category than “video games”, since this clearly was not our crowd.

Live and learn. Since we weren’t funded, we won’t finish Tidepool this summer. Working weekends, I hope to finish by the end of the year.

Please signup to follow my progress and get announcements. You can also follow me on Twitter or like us on Facebook. To really deep dive, chime in on TIGsource.

We’re honoring the rewards, so let me know your Tidepool username by messaging me here or through our contact page. You don’t need to download to get a username.

Thank you for your faith in Tidepool.

Take care,

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